A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download and play in your Pico-8 or play from the BBS link above

A game where you control an axolotl and shoot out of the water to collect bubbles while avoiding hitting the ground.

Made in Pico-8

By lotuslotl (code) and hushcoil (art/music/sfx)

Made for CGA Jam, this is the first game we have made to completion, and serves as our introduction to Pico-8 as well.

As for CGA Jam requirements, the theme is gravity and speed, and the palette adheres to the guidelines

We hope it will be enjoyed!

Install instructions

This game uses Pico-8

You can run it in Pico-8 on your computer if you download,

The .png download is the cartridge image file which can also be run.



lotlrocket.p8.png 13 kB
lotlrocket.p8 65 kB